Yulia Terentyeva is a creative designer and artist
Yulia Terentyeva is a creative designer and artist

Risk Onsight Magazine

04/2013 – 02/2015 I used to work at Risk Onsight magazine as a Senior graphic designer.

Risk Onsight devoted to rock and ice climbing and mountaineering, skyrunning, ski, paragliding and other outdoor activities. It was first published in 1991 and at the moment is the most wellknown outdoor magazine in Russia. The magazine maintains the Russia’s top outdoor website https://www.risk.ru/magazine/

Work Experience:

  • Redesigned creative concept and layout, gave a new look and feel, including elements such as colors, shapes, layout, and typefaces;
  • Created magazine layout designs by specifying photos, illustrations, maps and text in articles;
  • Was responsible for the prepress, adjusted photographs, illustrations, and other design pieces according to printing specifications

I have been climbing for 15 years, therefore I brought my personal sport experience by specifying technical details and also writing articles about european climbing areas and competitions.