Yulia Terentyeva



Adverity is the marketing analytics and data intelligence SaaS platform, that provides companies with tools to make sense of their marketing data. It helps businesses optimize their marketing strategies by providing insights and analytics across various channels.

Significantly simplified the onboarding process for new customers for our ROI Adviser AI module



We analyzed support requests to identify issues in uploading marketing data. Interviews with three customers revealed onboarding struggles. Including myself, when I tested the onboarding, I couldn’t figure out how to navigate through.

Key findings

  • Not a single customer managed to accomplish the existing onboarding process.
  • Technical constraints, such as a lack of priority in loading back-end designers, impacted the initial onboarding process implementation.
  • Users didn’t trust the model’s advice because they weren’t sure they had uploaded the data correctly.

With developers we discussed technical constraints. From UX Researchers I received Users Persona description.

Key outcomes

  • We should come with a solution to increase transparency in users data interpretation.
  • All users are experienced users of other modules of Adverity, they are familiar with the platform and it’s UX patterns.
  • Implementing templates from other modules should improve intuitive navigation (listed in Design System).




The onboarding process for new users was transformed into a wizard, to guide users step-by-step to input information in a prescribed order.


UI Consistancy across the platform was achieved.


Was improved the representation of error rates for the ROI recommendations as a solution to increase transperancy.


Jacopo Cargnel,

VP User Experience,

«Yulia did an excellent job in improving key ux aspects of the product, such as the on-boarding / setup flow for new users.

She also contributed in the overall UI consistency of the product. She demonstrated fast learning attitude in a complex and technical environment, strong proactivity towards improving the user experience of Reveal, high responsiveness to indications of the team lead.

She is confident with producing diverse types of design deliverables, always with high quality and meeting expectations of the stakeholders. She demonstrated also developed soft skills and attitude for team work. She is definitely an excellent professional under all aspects, and it was a pleasure to work with her.»