Singing Rock

T-shirts design for Singing Rock

As part of a design exploration for Singing Rock, a leading manufacturer of climbing equipment and personal protective gear for work at heights and rescue, I had the opportunity to create custom artwork for a special release of climbing t-shirts.

Drawing inspiration from the rugged and dynamic nature of the sport, I developed a series of designs that embody the spirit of adventure and exploration. These unique and eye-catching designs capture the essence of the Singing Rock brand and its commitment to providing high-quality, reliable gear for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Role& Responsibilities

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Option 1: Stylization as a rock climbing gym

climbing gym on a t-shirt

Option 2: Climbing personas

For these illustrations, I’ve created 3 climbing personas — boulder climber, long routs climber, and alpinist.

Option 3: Climbing area map

In climbing and mountaineering guides, we can often find drawn schematic maps of climbing areas. I imagined how could look a map of a climbing area called Singing Rocks and formed it as a brand-recognizable arrow.